twinridges Wind Farm, PA
The Twin Ridges Wind Farm is located on the Big Savage Ridge area near the Maryland-Pennsylvania border. The project is located on mixed use and forested lands owned by private landowners. Initial construction began at the end of 2011, and operation began in late 2012.

The project uses 68 REpower MM 92 wind turbine generators, each with a nameplate rating of 2.05 MW. In total, the Twin Ridges Wind Farm generates enough electricity to power over 34,000 homes annually.

Economic Benefits of the Twin Ridges Wind Farm
• Approximately $12 million in payments to state, local townships and four surrounding school districts over the life of the project
• Approximately $5 million in local goods and services for operation and maintenance over the life of the project
• 11 full-time positions for operation and maintenance

Environmental Benefits of the Twin Ridges Wind Farm
• EverPower created 10 eastern small-footed bat habitat structures near the project site. These habitat structures were the first ever to be created in Southern Pennsylvania for eastern small-footed bats.

The project will offset:
• Approximately 235,000 tons of offset CO2 each year
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