buckeye Wind Project, NY
The Buckeye Wind Farm is located on a glacial ridge in eastern Champaign County, Ohio. The project involves the construction of up to 52 turbines spread across six townships. Located primarily on farmland, the project will take less than 72 acres out of agricultural production. In total, the Buckeye Wind Farm has the capacity to produce enough electricity to power approximately 31,000 homes annually. The Buckeye Wind Farm will be built in conjunction with the Buckeye II Wind Farm. Combined, the two projects will be 200 MW, displacing about 475,000 tons of CO2 each year and powering nearly 50,000 homes.

Economic Benefits of the Buckeye Wind Project
• Up to $1.2 million in annual taxes to local governments and school districts are projected
• Once operational, it will require up to 9 full-time workers for operation and maintenance
• During the 18 month construction period, we expect to use over 100 full and part-time workers
• Direct and indirect impacts will have a positive impact on economic activity throughout the region

Environmental Benefits of the Buckeye Wind Project
• Through a combination of intensive project design and advanced stream crossing techniques, all impacts to wetlands and high quality streams will be avoided. A detailed plan to minimize impacts to the endangered Indiana bat has been developed with the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service.

The project will offset:
• Approximately 308,000 tons of offset CO2 each year

To request an electronic or paper copy of the accepted, complete application to the Ohio Power Siting Board, please contact April Shockey at (937) 595-0304 or ashockey@everpower.com, or visit www.opsb.ohio.gov

buckeye Wind Farm Project Maps
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